A Brief Look Into The Life of Rachel Nichols

There have been great misconceptions about being a female journalist within the sports sector. This misconception was because most games are dominated by male persons. However, this concept has changed and the diversity of sports reporters has become a favored option.

Rachel Nichols is a reporter and host of sport-related activities. Her career started as a young girl with a dream of doing what she loved most. This made her pursue a career in journalism specializing in sports sector. Here’s a summary of relevant information regarding her career in sports.

Choosing a Career in Sports

Rachel Nichols has always loved sports, right from her childhood days. She always envisioned being in a career that was exciting and held out various opportunities for her. After pursuing a career in journalism, she critically analyzed which field she desired to do. Rachel eventually picked out sports since she always enjoyed watching sports games.

How She Transitioned into Television

Before working as a reporter and TV host at CNN and ESPN, Rachel worked as a writer. She worked in a deadline structured environment which required her to be calm and collected at all times. This meant that her creative ability in filing up a report on an event had to always be top-notch. Working for the Washington Post honed her skills of being a TV reporter as she was at certain instances required to do small pregame segments.

Roles at CNN and ESPN

Rachel Nichols joined CNN in January 2013. At CNN, she served as the network’s sole sports anchor and commentator for various sports stories. While at the network, she interviewed some popular athletes in the sports world and had candid conversations with them. Before joining CNN, she had built her career for over eight years in ESPN. She worked as a commentator for sports features. She also had her show called the Jump, which held talk shows with different sports analysts and NBA players. Refer to this article to learn more about Rachel Nichols.


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