A Look at Betsy DeVos: Her Life, Passion, and Work

Betsy DeVos has often commented on the work it took to get her husband’s charter school off the ground. She is involved in education on every level. DeVos has worked at the White House as the secretary of education, and she has sat as a board member and chair for nonprofits that focus on schooling.


Because of her expertise in this field, she was nominated by Trump, but before that, she was busy raising a family, running her philanthropic foundation, and working with her husband on political and personal agendas.


The DeVos’ charter school is a high school that they put together in an airport. It is called the West Michigan Aviation Academy, and the students that attend are interested in flight and the other careers that go along with it.


When this power couple first opened this aviation-based school, there were less than 100 students enrolled. Today it is a successful alternative school that has teenagers from around the globe applying to it.


People have questioned Betsy DeVos and her willingness to spread herself so thin. She has been seen lobbying for educational options and attending charitable events. DeVos answered this question by noting that it does not feel like work when she is pursuing her passions.


She is heavily motivated to push her agenda into every state and living room. Not everyone agrees with her tactics or her stance. People inside Washington have commented on her rigid thinking. It has been seen as a barrier in some political circles.


Betsy DeVos does not seem to be fazed by negative publicity. She has weathered many storms, including her husband’s failed attempt at the governor’s office in their home state of Michigan. Her life’s goal is to give every parent the chance to pick their child’s school. She believes this option will help kids develop their God-given talents.


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