Accomplishments of Tim Murawski, The President and CCO of Augmedics

Tim Murawski is a man who has had a profound impact on the healthcare industry in general. His company, Augmedics, created an app that allows doctors to instantly receive CT scans from anywhere in the world at any time of day. The technology that he and his team developed not only saved lives but helped to revolutionize medical science as we know it. Tim Murawski, Chief Commercial Officer at Augmedics and President of the company, has several accomplishments to his name. But perhaps the most innovative thing that he’s done is the invention of his company’s proprietary software.


Tim has worked in numerous different areas of the healthcare industry. Beginning as an engineer and programmer, he developed a wide variety of technological advances for businesses but found it difficult to create things independently. Eventually, Tim Murawski realized that combining his talents with his colleagues could create more innovation and make a bigger impact than working independently. The creation of Augmedics was the culmination of Murawski’s dream to work alongside others, like himself, who wanted to revolutionize the industry.


The software that Tim Murawski and his team created, and that he has since sold to so many hospitals, is the Augmedics CT app. This software allows doctors to remotely access CT scanners from any location with or without a doctor present. Tim Murawski explains that the revolution in medical technology made possible by the Augmedics CT app has not gone unnoticed. The company has received significant recognition from investors, hospitals, and medical facilities to increase its efficiency.