Alejandro Betancourt Evaluates Winning Strategies to Grow Hawkers

Alejandro Betancourt is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He attended Suffolk University to pursue Business Administration and Economics. Upon graduating, he went on to nurture a well-curated portfolio in international trade, farming, finance, and real estate. Moreover, Alejandro Betancourt has been a significant force in Hawkers.

Hawkers is a thriving company within the fashion eyewear ecosystem. With the right strategy and dedicated team, the company has carved an incredible reputation on social media. Under Alejandro Betancourt’s stewardship, the company’s revenue has tremendously risen to about $100 million per year. The entrepreneur has played a pivotal role in the direction of Hawkers and its bottom line.

Prior to joining the fashion company, the entrepreneur gloats curating his name, working with various investment groups, including O’Hara Administration. His in-depth understanding of the financial world turned out to a significant advantage for the eyewear company. His foray into the fashion eyewear industry saw him tap into the core values of the company.

Alejandro Betancourt was driven towards expanding the company’s global footprints and ensuring that the venture succeeds. Its marketing strategy pointed towards online as the viable and natural way to vaunt this brand. Equally, the marketing strategist leveraged the power of influencers to drive sales.

Alejandro Betancourt and several investors infused nearly $56 million to help the eyewear company rise from its initial hurdles. The investment was fundamental in expanding the company’s global reach and funding its offices globally. Nevertheless, the company has nurtured nearly 6.6 million followers. It is renowned for its unrivalled strategies to drive supplemental sales.

In addition, the fashion company is prominent for its steadfast commitment to transparency. Alejandro Betancourt’s marketing strategy has seen the company sell about 4.5 million sunglasses, with about 90% online. In 2018, the company spotlighted as one of the leading Spanish startups. It recently expanded into various contact lenses with an innovative line of eco-friendly sunglasses. Refer to this page for additional information