Andrew Brooks, CEO and Founder of VIANEL and Sinclair Global

Andrew Brooks is the CEO and founder of VIANEL and Sinclair Global, a brand of luxury products and accessories he designed himself. He is a brand and leader in the e-commerce and retail industry.

With his experience in entrepreneurship, he helps and advises people on the challenges in the market. He nurtures and talks about fostering client relationships by putting your customer first. This helps you build a relationship and engage with them whether you sell your products online or in-person, making it possible to relate and understand more about what and how they want it.

Andrew Brooks Sinclair took risks regarding his brand identity and designs. He took time to understand his target audience by making his products and accessories unique, thus giving customers lots of choices to choose from. He made his audience grow by understanding more about how they relate in the sense of style, fashion. Social media is an effective way to connect with customers one on one, and by highlighting what the company does, which grows your online marketing strategies, audiences, and online traffic will expand successfully.

When it came to innovation and growth, Andrew Brooks made his company Sinclair Global known globally. It established his reputation in retail and e-commerce platforms. He was named one of the 30 under 30 Retail by Forbes magazine in 2017. With his expertise in client relationships and entrepreneurship, he advises in consistency of making his company stand out from other competitors and by impressing his customers. In e-commerce, the customer always has freedom of expression in what they want and looking for. Engaging customers will help with feedback from which you can expand and make changes in what you sell in this evolving future when planning ahead.

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