Andrew Frame, Citizen App Team Takes Users Feedback Seriously And Positively

Andrew Frame started his first company when he had clicked 15 years. The company dealt with the provision of internet services. His second company called Ooma came in 2004. This too, served consumer telecommunications clients.

He wanted to start a different one but decided to take a break to handle the two. While doing his research, Andrew Frame realized that the world lacked a free app that would be able to keep humanity safe by using modern technology. Andrew Frame decided to come up with the Citizen. This was the first app that could combine information about a person’s location of course with the aid of 911 Intel to keep them safe.

To be successful, Andrew has been surrounding himself with brilliant and mission-oriented individuals. He advises young entrepreneurs to always be on the lookout of qualified individuals who are experienced in their line of duty. Andrew Frame’s Citizen team is thoughtful and highly skilled people who he enjoys working with. Secondly, when it comes to bringing his ideas into life, he ruthlessly prioritizes because if he tries to implement all the ideas, in the end, he would do nothing. Before implementing any idea, Andrew Frame and his team always ensure that it fits their vision. They ask themselves important questions such as why should we go on with this project? How will it benefit our clients? Who will be the greatest beneficiary?

Andrew Frame has achieved success, particularly with the Citizen app, by always ensuring that he takes feedback from the users positively and seriously. The Citizen company always focuses on understanding the engagement of the users and the app.

Which among the Citizen app’s features is their favorite, and what do they desire to be added to the app? During some of the Citizen app meetings, they invite some of the users so they can be able to make it even better for the users. This has enabled them to develop some of their top features. Go here for related Information.


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