Buying, Shipment, And Taking Care Of Tieks Shoes

Over the years, Tieks, the best-known company that sells flat shoes, has provided reliable shoe worth every coin. The shoes come in different styles and designs, and therefore customer preferences are well taken care of. The designs include prints, which have patterns such as metallic, plaid, or leopard prints, usually on standard leather. There are also classics that are made with standard leather, patents made of patent leather, and vegans that are not made from animal products.

There are also different sizes depending on one’s choice to have the right choice from the preferred style or design. Tieks have full sizes ranging from 5-to 13. In cases where the size doesn’t feel comfortable after purchase, the advantage is that one can reach out to the customer service for the right-size solution.

How to take care of the shoes

Tieks shoes are highly regarded as being comfortable right away. There are several ways to take care of them to ensure the comfortability is certain, and they serve the buyer for a longer time. This includes having no-show socks for those with sweaty feet to prevent them from smelling. Additionally, using shoe polish severally is recommended to ensure the leather remains healthy and soft and hence avoids scuffing. Cleaning is also an important issue for any shoe, and it is recommended to use a sponge or damp washcloth.

Buying, shipping, and cost

It is easy to own a pair of these as they are accessible in their online store, Boutiek. There are also available on Poshmark and Facebook groups. On the other hand, the cost depends on the style; they can cost as low as $140, and the most expensive one costs $345. A US resident gets the advantage of free shipping while outside the US. Shipping costs vary with the country.

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