Career Transformation Portrayed by Krishen Iyer in The Marketing, Consultancy and Insurance Companies

Krishen Iyer is a native Californian entrepreneur with expertise in insurance. Mr. Iyer is currently serving as CEO and founder of MAIS Insurance company based in Encinitas. Growing up in California, he also attended and graduated from schools in California before moving to San Diego to pursue a bachelor’s degree of Arts in Public Administration and urban development from San Diego State University. While still a student at San Diego State University, Krishen Iyer became a Beta Theta Pi Fraternity member. 


Soon after graduating, he joined the insurance industry, where he undertook several roles as an insurance agent. As an insurance agent and professional, Mr. Iyer made multiple insurance sales, managed and led insurance companies, and created traffic for affiliate Insurance distribution centers. As the founder and CEO of MAIS Insurance, the outstanding CEO and businessman Krishen Iyer gathered and created an award-winning team that has been successfully running and operating for the last 20 years. 


However, the MAIS Insurance team, including Mr. Krishen Iyer, has focused on helping others through their excellent insurance services. Through his superb leadership skills, Krishen Iyer has empowered his team members, who have highly contributed to the growth of the MAIS company. The marketing expert has extensive knowledge and experience in marketing and consultancy insurance services through operating and selling several owned insurance companies. In addition, Mr. Iyer founded a full-service marketing and consultancy company known as Managed Benefits Services. 


It focused on providing and issuing support and marketing opportunities for other insurance companies. However, Mr. Krishen has recently sold off Managed Benefits Services company. This, after diverting his interests to something entirely new and exciting in the marketing and consulting industry. Despite Krishen Iyer selling the company, it is still flourishing and thriving under new management, and it is destined for much greater success in the future. Mr. Iyer has also participated in several philanthropic ventures such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation.