Edgard Corona Believes That The Key To Living A Healthy Life

Edgard Corona is the CEO of SmartFit and Bio Ritmo, the largest fitness company in Brazil. He has helped millions of people lose weight by offering an affordable and sustainable path to exercise and wellness. To better understand this man some may call a visionary, we have some information from the article about his upbringing. In addition to being raised as a self-described fat kid, he learned to be strong by working on his family’s farm.

Edgard Corona would wake up at 4 AM every morning before school and often arrived with bruises from carrying heavy truckloads of hay. As a teenager, Edgard Corona saw how people got healthy in America. Still, instead of being intimidated by the fit models selling exercise machines, he was inspired to work even more challenging.

As a child, Edgard’s parents taught him to be an independent thinker and not accept everything at face value. These qualities were instrumental in his motivation and inspiration to start SmartFit and become one of the most influential people in Brazil today. His emphasis on individual development also helped him go from a fat kid to a man who lost over 100 lbs. and is dedicated to helping people lose weight every day.

Edgard believes that the key to living a healthy life is believing in yourself and your abilities. He often recounts how he overcame his obesity and used his resolve as an inspiration for others who might feel discouraged on their health journeys.

In addition, he is a firm believer in the benefits of being part of a team and giving back to the community, which has been reflected in how SmartFit grew from one gym to over 10,000 locations worldwide.

Edgard was born to parents that taught him not to be defined by his body type or appearance. He started working on the family farm early in life and carried out heavy loads of hay to help strengthen his body. While he saw how fit models selling exercise machines inspired some people, Edgard was confident in his abilities and decided not to worry about what others were doing.