Exploring IM Academy’s World- Leading Educational Products

The pandemic has led millions of people from across the globe to want more from their jobs than just earning a living. Those stuck with poor life-work balance are looking for new opportunities to earn a living and have a better work-life balance.

Others who have persevered with poor pay are looking for new ways to supplement their income. Forex trading platforms like IM Academy are leading the way in providing such individuals with a refuge to earn a reliable income through forex trading. IM Academy is a first-class forex trading institution that provides world-leading educational products to its students.

Understanding IM educational products

IM Academy educational products are divided into learning modules called academies. The academies are made up of four distinct programs taught via video modules, interactive GoLive sessions, and downloadable e-books.

IM Academy video modules are designed to allow the students to learn the academies according to their schedule as they are available all the time. On the other hand, the GoLive sessions are taught in real-time to students to apply the concepts that they learn to real-life situations.

The four academies

This top-class forex online educational platform’s four academies are designed to turn a newbie into a specialist forex trader. The first academy is the FRX Academy which teaches the fundamentals of forex trading like what is traded and insights into selling and buying in the markets. HFX Academy comes second, and it’s all about high-frequency exchange and addresses its strategies, leverage, spread, margin, and order types.

The DCX Academy is third, and it encompasses digital currencies exchange and its types of trading. This program covers blockchain, valuation, and digital currency market volatility. The fourth IM Academy module is the ECX Academy, covering the exploding e-commerce space. It teaches how to launch, grow, and run a successful e-commerce enterprise. Besides this, this forex trading education platform enables its students to advance their studies and become forex trading gurus. Refer to this article to learn more.


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