Frances Townsend's Prolific Career

Currently, Frances Townsend has three roles at Activision Blizzard. The roles that she manages is the Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs, the Corporate Secretary, and the Chief Compliance Officer. With her roles, she focuses on keeping an eye out on affairs, public policy, and keeps track with communicating along with various miscellaneous tasks. Townsend had joined the video game company rather recently, joining the company in March 2021.

Before Townsend was involved with Activision Blizzard, she has taken part in jobs with various companies. One of these companies is a company that she had been part of for a decade named MacAndrews & Forbes, Inc. At this job, she had worked as the vice chairman, chief administrative officer, and she had been a part of the general counsel.

Another place that Townsend has worked was the Homeland Security Counsel while George W Bush was president. She had served as an assistant for the president and she had kept an eye on counterterrorism along with homeland security. She was able to keep an eye on everything by working on a chairman for the company as well. However, this wasn’t the first role she had working for the government, she had also worked as an Assistant Commandant for Intelligence for the U.S Cost Guard and various senior positions at the U.S. Department of Justice. She had worked in the latter for about thirteen years before taking on her recent jobs.

Townsend still has a rather prolific career outside of Activision Blizzard and works at various non-profit boards and councils. Some of the boards and councils that she works for are the Council on Foreign Relations and the Atlantic Council.

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