Heath Ritenour Discusses His Career and Personal Challenges

Heath Ritenour has had quite a fascinating journey to the top of the insurance sector. His first professional interaction with the insurance sector was in 1996 when he joined the Insurance Office of America (IOA) as a college intern. In 2008, he was appointed the IOA CEO, and in 2019, he became the firm’s president. IOA is a trailblazing insurance brokerage firm founded by his father, John, in 1988, but this has had nothing to do with his prosperous career. Not so long ago, the IOA president discussed his career and personal challenges.

Learning the ins and outs of the insurance sector

The OIA CEO said after graduating college, he took up a position as an insurance agent at his father’s firm that he learned the ins and outs of the insurance sector the hard way. As an insurance agent, his workday mainly comprised of making nearly 100 cold calls in an effort to bring in new clients. To accomplish this, Heath Ritenour chose to take an unconventional approach where he preferred creating relationships with prospective clients before attempting to sell them anything. This approach sharpened his relationship-building skills that have been instrumental for his leadership success as IOA’s CEO. Thanks to his outstanding leadership, in the decade, that he has been the firm’s CEO, it has grown to have more than 1300 associate staff and over 60 branch locations countrywide.

Battle with cancer

The IOA president mentioned that the most harrowing moment of his life came after he received a cancer diagnosis in his 40. Before this, he had viewed himself as a perfectly healthy man as he lived an active lifestyle and ate right. Despite the hardship that came with accepting that he had a life-threatening ailment with no cure, Heath Ritenour decided to let his battle with cancer positively impact others. He began raising awareness on cancer screening at the workplace and in business circles, a move that has saved numerous lives.

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