Investment trends: Steph Korey's Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

Aside from staying informed on investment trends, Steph Korey also stresses the importance of analyzing a company’s management. For instance, understanding a company’s projected trajectory in terms of growth, market share, and financial performance could help investors successfully determine whether to invest in a company. “I always believe that when analyzing a company, it is essential to analyze its management, especially if it is a smaller company. I think that to me, it comes back to whether or not they have the management to lead the company to the next level,” says Steph Korey


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While many people consider it the world’s biggest problem, in 2022, it looks like more government officials and people will begin to turn against factory farms. From an investment perspective, the high living standards and low living costs of Mexico’s growing middle class are a clear indicator of the country’s industrial investment potential.


Mediagrif’s earnings could see substantial growth if hospitalization trends are anything to go by. While some analysts believe that the 2022 growth in hospital admissions and inpatient revenue will plateau, they agree that the company will remain a prominent and credible provider of healthcare services in the United States.

Attracting the patients’ attention is Mediagrif’s other growth strategy. These include offering dementia facilities, home health agencies, and rehabilitation hospitals. Furthermore, the company is investing in a new facility in Pennsylvania that will primarily serve the geriatric population, noted Steph Korey.


Automobiles are supposed to be the Holy Grail of investments. Unfortunately, Americans’ lingering car dependence leaves a lot to be desired. Despite creating several compelling technologies, few automakers have ever succeeded in sustaining profits. This hasn’t deterred investors from placing a lot of hope in the coming automobile market. In the future, automobiles are expected to become more autonomous.

Autonomous automobiles, or AVs, are expected to account for over 50 percent of U.S. vehicle sales in 2030. Such a future would spell big profits for companies with a decisive edge in this field. Prognosticators anticipate that the only technology currently achieving AV supremacy is the Silicon Valley-developed Nvidia Drive PX 2.