John Ritenour Discusses the Risks Facing Sports Teams

John Ritenour is always looking for some possible opportunities that his organization can exploit and hope to get some profits. One of the opportunities that the Insurance Office of America is currently exploiting is c0vering sports teams against various perils. This is something that the Insurance Office of America has been handling in the last few years after discovering there are some major opportunities that the company can exploit and hope to get some profits.

However, the risks that he has been facing in this sector are much more than what he had anticipated. One of the major risks that he has been facing has everything to do with the health of the footballers. John Ritenour indicates that the risk of concussion continues to increase as the matches become competitive. This means that the insurance companies must be prepared to deal with such emerging issues so that they can remain relevant in this market.

Another major threat that John Ritenour has been dealing with involves terrorism in most of the stadiums across the country. The United States has for many years remained a target for terrorists, and it is essential to indicate that stadiums provide unique opportunities that insurance companies should be checking. The threat of domestic terrorism has significantly increased as compared to the threat of global terrorism that the country has been fighting over the years.

John Ritenour is also concerned about the emerging issues that are directly or indirectly affecting most of the sports teams across the country. The outbreak of COVID-19 is a major problem that most insurance companies had never anticipated. However, the outbreak has caused some significant financial damages to most of the sports teams in the last year. This is a huge risk and financial gap that most of the insurance companies across the country will cover.