John Ritenour Notes the Significant Growth of the Sports Partnerships That Insurance Office of America Is Involved With

Insurance Office of America’s distinguished founder John Ritenour recently spoke on the topic of the sports partnerships that the company is involved with. He notes that there has been a lot of growth in this specific area. John Ritenour is the individual responsible for founding the company back in 1988. The goal of the company is to provide clients with the insurance coverage that they require to prepare for and to cover the types of risk that can occur on a daily basis. One of the factors that have truly set John Ritenour apart from his peers is the fact that he was always focused on finding ways to serve the needs of clients that fall into specific niches. This includes clients such as sports organizations both amateur and professional.

For sports teams, having the right insurance policy is crucial. This is something that John Ritenour has always worked hard to facilitate. He has worked hard during his career in the insurance field to provide customized insurance plans to sports teams that need the assurance that a good policy provides. To successfully engage in this work, he has had to become knowledgeable about the various sports that he has helped to insure. This is necessary to successfully assess the risks that these sports organizations face.

Throughout his life, John Ritenour has been a passionate sports fan. This has added to his desire to use his Insurance Office of America business model as a vehicle to provide essential coverage to sports teams. At the current time, Insurance Office of America has an ongoing business relationship with professional sports teams from the NFL, NHL, and the NBA. The firm also has a relationship with the U.S. Club Soccer and several prominent teams in the sport of racing.

One of the current goals at Insurance Office of America is to expand the sports partnerships that the firm is involved with. The current plan is to expand risk management services to sports organizations such as USA Swimming, and an increased presence in the amateur sports realm.

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