Juan Monteverde’s Career as a Lawyer

Juan Monteverde is a New York-based attorney and Monteverde & Associates PC’s managing partner and founder. His law firm focuses on issues affecting consumers and investors. One of its roles is representing shareholders who have incurred financial damages due to misleading advertising and corporate fraud. Monteverde & Associates PC has a track record of success and has won several appeals and cases in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Juan Monteverde seeks to improve his clients’ merger transactions. Most of the cases that Juan Monteverde has handled are related to shareholder rights advocacy. His work includes several high-profile mergers aimed at maximizing shareholder value. He has attended several regular speaking engagements and conferences centered on shareholder value and mergers. Juan Monteverde has also written several articles on securities litigation and shareholder value. Martindale-Hubbell and Super Lawyers have recently selected Juan Monteverde as one of New York’s top-rated and rising star lawyers.

Juan Monteverde decided to venture into business after working in several law firms as a merger and acquisitions specialist. Juan Monteverde’s firm specializes in protecting shareholders and improving their merger and acquisition transactions. Juan Monteverde boasts an extensive background in shareholder rights advocacy and securities law. He pursued his B.S in Finance at the Northridge-based California State University.

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