Kfir Gavrieli – CEO Tieks: The Definition Of A Hero

People thrive in different areas such as business, natural altruism, among others. For the latter, helping others is a constant and natural practice. It is all about sharing their resources, time, and intelligence and giving back to their communities.

Kfir Gavrieli, the Tieks CEO, is one of the leading advocates of the importance of sharing your time and resources for the good of humanity. Firstly, Kfir Gavrieli focuses on comfort, portability, and quality in every fashion piece that his company produces. Unlike other entrepreneurs, he doesn’t exclusively exist to make money but rather fulfill his customers’ desires and create a significant charitable impact.

Tieks has always been the perfect platform for Kfir Gavrieli to accomplish his plans for humanity. The company and its partnership with KIVA played a vital role in the birth of the Gavrieli Foundation – through which Tieks empowers women as KIVA offers microloans to need entrepreneurs with great potential.

The Gavrieli Foundation has enabled microloans of more than $10000000 to women in business from different parts of the world. The Foundation is currently KIVA’s leading lender in its history.

Being one of the greatest philanthropists and entrepreneurs globally, Kfir Gavrieli believes in giving every decision a new view. He adds that success is a combination of what was done in the past and what awaits you in the future. This approach led to the launch of foldable shoes at Tieks in 2008 before becoming KIVA’s biggest lender – a trendsetter.

Kfir acknowledges his parents as his biggest heroes. Besides, he also attributes his successful career in business work to strong morality and works ethics. He has always followed the pace set by his immigrant parents, who moved to America searching for greener pastures. They began from nothing and built their way up through hard work and determination, values he picked from them and has used them to make himself a better life and impact humanity. See related link for additional information.


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