Mirabaud’s Contribution to Sustainable Art

Artistic expressions hold significant importance in modern societies. Art opens fresh perspectives about life which are vital for breaking the many life barriers. Mirabaud’s affection for contemporary art traces back over 200 years. In addition to their unwavering commitment to sustainable art practices, Mirabaud Group holds stellar artistic pieces in their collection.

Mirabaud is a renowned financial and banking servicing firm based in Geneva, Switzerland. Incorporated in 1819, Mirabaud is one of the longest-serving financial institutions in Europe and one of the largest in Switzerland. The Group’s management comprises six partners who oversee the institution’s daily operations. Besides Geneva, the organization also has operations in London, Madrid, Paris, Milan, and Hongkong. In its 200 years of existence, the family-owned bank has been pivotal in transforming Switzerland’s and Europe’s financial systems.

The Geneva-based banking institution is a big supporter of sustainable investing and business practices. Mirabaud bank believes sustainability efforts in the art industry benefit both artists and their audiences by making art more accessible to global audiences. The creativity and freedom of thought associated with artistic creations help spark innovation which is crucial for success in any other sector, including finance.

The bank’s entire art collection is available online, further highlighting the institution’s commitment to making art more accessible to audiences. The institution has also partnered with urban planners, architects, and developers to integrate art into urban spaces to make them more vibrant.

The Mirabaud Art Collection features pieces from emerging and renowned artists from all over the globe. Fabien Marti, Thomas Ruff, Not Vital, Omar Ba, and Rodgers Antoine are some artists whose works appear in Mirabaud’s online art catalog.

The Group has been instrumental in nurturing the talents of young art creators. The bank continues to engage many upcoming artists in its quest to promote creativity and thought leadership in the sector. Go to this page for more information.


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