Pam Baer Leads Bay Area In Philanthropy

With her wealth of experience in business, Pam realized that her clients were often underserved or disadvantaged by the health care system, primarily due to cost. As a result, Pam Baer dedicated her philanthropic efforts to improving health care quality and providing those who were underserved with the proper care. For Goodness Sake, the nonprofit organization she founded, offers free basic health care for the uninsured and those otherwise unable to afford needed medical treatments.

As a leader, Pam acknowledges the importance of change and wants to use her significant influence to change the world. She has turned this focus into her guiding principle of philanthropy. After being deeply affected by a field trip to the Bosnian refugee camps in Northern Ireland, Pamela Baer began an initiative to help these vulnerable populations. She said, “Our natural impulse is to help people in need.”

Pamela Baer also sits on the boards of many of the San Francisco Bay Area’s foundations. These positions have broadened her perspective and allowed her to bring together various philanthropic resources. In 2001, Pam Baer started her own business, Pam’s Lab, specializing in branding and consulting services. In 2004, she opened another company, Urban Private Group, focused on health, beauty, and wellness products and services.

At age 16, she joined a local synagogue youth group and envisioned what life would look like when she grew up. Her very worst nightmare as a teenager was to become a stay-at-home mom. Pam’s parents were active members of Temple Emanuel in Menlo Park. Her parents raised their children with the goal that every family member should have their own business. Go here for related Information.

Each child had an equal chance to develop different skills. Pam’s parents taught her that no one is stuck with the same job, or any job, forever. Pam Baer defines her commitment to philanthropy: “It’s the ultimate expression of the spirit of community—making the world a better place by working with others to solve global problems.”


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