QNET- Why This Company Could Not Be a Scam

If this last year has taught us nothing, it has certainly taught Amazon, Wal-Mart, the Alphabet company, and insert your major online seller here that they can make money with people at home. With people sitting under quarantine Amazon saw billions of dollars in increased revenue as did many other retailers. QNET, based in Hong Kong, is looking to gain a footing in the online world. With offices and agencies in more than 25 countries, mainly in Asia, QNET is looking not only set itself apart, but also to give consumers an option in their online purchasing.

With that, we come to the “man behind the curtain” and the allegations that QNET is a scam. Multiple web articles and posts have alleged that QNET is akin to a Ponzi scheme, something that most Americans are thoroughly familiar with from our own sordid history. In a Ponzi scheme, the money only flows in one direction, up. Those at the bottom left to fend for the themselves on meager wages, no benefits, and honestly cannot hold anyone truly accountable or liable for their losses. How does this differ from QNET and what they seek to do as a company?

QNET approaches its clients with what is known as “direct selling“. Direct Selling is using a non-retail environment, be it your home or online, to distribute goods. QNET simply offers an extensive catalog of products that you can sell directly, cutting out the middle man. From jewelry, home products, and health products QNET has grown its catalog of essentials to meet the needs of its growing customer base. Now delving into personal care, education, and of course technology QNET wants to diversify its portfolio of goods to expand with the needs of its consumers.

So why would people think it would be a scam? It is an honest question that deserves and honest answer. Greed. Sellers purchase too much initially without doing the due diligence of pars or personal customer needs. To be successful with a business model in direct selling you need to know your client, what you can easily sell in said time, and of course a little common sense. QNET is no more a scam than me selling your 500 pounds of firewood in July in Alabama. The firewood still holds value; it just may not hold the value you want until the weather turns cooler. Website: http://qnetscam.com/