Robert Kraft The CEO Of Kraft Group

Robert Kraft is the president and founder of Kraft Group; he was born on June 5th, 1941, in Brookline, Massachusetts. The holding companies deal in sports, paper, packaging, developing real estate, and entertainment.

Robert Kraft attended the Harvard Business School, and after graduating, he started putting on foundations of starting his own uniquely and financially powerful group of businesses. The Kraft Company has built a positive long-term relationship with its business partners since it was founded. It has helped the company to be successful in its daily functions and remain at the top of the market.

The Kraft group with headquarters in Foxborough is best-known holdings in the National Football League’s New England Patriots, the building of the ultra-modern stadium, and participation in Major League Soccer’s New England Revolution. Robert Kraft attended Brookline High School, located in his hometown, and graduated in 1959. He later joined Columbia University, where he played a major role in the school’s lightweight football team. Kraft is married to Myra Kraft, although she has passed away. His first professional career was with the Rand-Whitney Group, a company dealing with packaging. He is the current chairman of this company.

In 1972, Robert Kraft founded an International Forest Products Company, with its main goal being the trading of physical paper commodities. Robert combined both his companies, which resulted in creating the strongest and largest privately paper and packaging companies in the United States of America.

This success is realized because he has a team with exceptional skills to allocate and manage the company’s capital that is found outside of the operating businesses. Kraft believes that a good business and sustainability in the market go together and try to be aware of its effects on the environment. Kraft Group recycles tons of products yearly to ensure that it meets its values and beliefs. Refer to this page for more information.


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