Simon Denyer’s Career

Simon Denyer is an author and journalist. He’s worked in correspondence with Reuters and the Washington Post. Simon was educated at Trinity College and Lancing College. He holds a graduate degree in economics with honors. He speaks both English and French fluently. Simon has won numerous awards and frequently made radio and television guest appearances for broadcasters such as BBC, CNBC, Fox News, and NPR.

Prior to his time at the Washington Post, Simon Denyer worked at Reuters. While supporting Reuter’s bureau and correspondence departments, Simon was stationed in Nairobi, New York, London, and Washington, D.C. He also wrote novels. One of his most successful books is “Rogue Elephant: Harnessing the Power of India’s Unruly Democracy”. Simon was also the editor of John Elliott and Bernard Imhasly’s book, “Foreign Correspondent: Fifty Years of Reporting South Asia”.

As a journalist, Simon Denyer has been afforded the opportunity to be well travelled. He has spent the last 11 years traveling overseas in central, south, and eastern Asia. The beginning of Simon’s journey starts with a departure from the United States while working for the Washington Post. Simon became the bureau chief for the Post in New Delhi, India.

He spent 2010-2013 covering issues regarding culture, the environment, and other pressing topics. From 2013-2018 Simon worked in Beijing. His work with the Post led to a Pulitzer Prize for an active project on climate change. Simon also extended his stay in Japan to cover the Olympics.

Simon is married with a family and kids. He’s recently made the decision to move back to his native country, England. There his daughter will start her freshman year of college while Simon Denyer and his wife get settled. Simon’s active Tokyo projects and responsibilities have been designated to Michelle Ye Hee Lee.

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