Surprising Facts About Wes Edens

Wes Edens is the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks since 2014. He grew his businesses over time until he founded the Fortress Investment Group, which is the group that purchased the team. Here are some interesting facts about Wes Edens.

Wes Edens is a Billionare

After 2007 Wes Edens became a billionaire when his Fortress Investment Group went public. The group grew quickly ever since it was first started in 1998. It expanded from private equity into hedge funds, other real estate investments, debt securities, and more. Once it went onto the NYSE, it had become the largest firm for private equity that people traded around publically.

Mr. Edens Owns an English Football Club

Edens and his partner, Nassef Sawiris bought a large share in the football club, Ashton Villa, from the English Championship. Mr. Edens has loved international football his whole life, so he was excited to be part owner of the club. He is hopeful that the money coming in from the deal will help the club to improve since they’ve had a long time where they were underfunded and doing poorly in their league in general. Due to Mr. Edens’ interest, the necessary improvements should be available.

Edens is a Philanthropist

Edens has donated more than 2.7 million dollars to different charities over the years. Those who have received these donations include Macalester College, and GiveWell, which got over $200,000 from the Mr. Edens. He also gave money to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital as well as causes connected to the Chimook Charitable Trust.

The Givewell charity he gave to is one where they try to pass money on to only the most efficient and worthy charities that have transparent finances and are using it wisely, making it so that Edens is making sure that his money is being used in the best way.