Tim Murawski and augmedics growth

Tim Murawski has done a lot in technology that aims to improve the medical field. His work has been of great help towards making people get the best treatments in the medical field. By coming up with the right medical devices, he has transformed the way people access medical services. For example, technology has improved accuracy in surgical procedures. Some complex surgical procedures require the application of the latest technology. The technology developed by Tim Murawski and his company has contributed to making people achieve better results when involved in surgical procedures. 

CEO of Augmedics


As the company CEO, he has been very practical in coming up with the right strategies that have contributed to growing the company. He oversees the development of devices that utilize the latest technology to make medical procedures run smoothly. As Tim Murawski points out, the several steps he takes have made him among the best experts who handle different medical procedures. 


Accuracy in surgical procedures 

The technological investments that the medical expert has made have contributed towards improving the level of accuracy when performing surgery, Tim Murawski adds. Medical experts can utilize the see-through technology to carry out assessments before implementing a given surgical procedure. The technology has been of great help in making users achieve great results when dealing with different issues. 


3D anatomy visualization technology 

Tim Murawski explains that the application of 3D visualization technology simplifies medical processes. Users can rely on the technology to improve the outcome of medical procedures. The visualization technology aims at revolutionizing the way surgical procedures are performed.