Mahmoud Khattab’s journey to success

Mahmoud Khattab is the founder of precision M.D. in California, commonly referred to as the golden state. Precision M.D. is a medical business that offers cosmetic surgery. He has been growing his business over the years. So far, he has employed around 20 people. Since California is stringent on medical matters, let us explore how Khattab managed to venture and succeed in the medical business in Elk Grove.

Mahmoud Khattab moved from the University of Damascus in Syria to America, aspiring to provide unique medical services to people. His dream to lead a successful business was backed by exceptional skills and experience he had gathered over the years. In an interview, Khattab explained that he wanted to play a role in the medical field that would make people happy.

According to Khattab, Precision M.D started from scratch as he hired the initial staff and bought the first equipment. His journey as a CEO started in a rental office and expanded. The business currently boasts about 13000 square feet and is worth around $6 million.

Khattab explained that an individual has to demonstrate CEO traits to succeed in business. For instance, he has to manage his business hands-on. He disregards the aspect of investing finances and then step away to watch the business grow. He emphasized that running a successful business in the medical field requires a lot of sacrifices.

Mahmoud Khattab has demonstrated effective leadership skills. For instance, he understands that the industry is very competitive, and he has to remain updated. Therefore, he always read and familiarize himself with the latest regulations and laws passed by California authorities. He also focuses on his employees and the patient he serves to ensure a seamless flow of activities. In addition, he pointed out that having the wrong people leads to failure. More information on Crunchbase