Talking In Sports- Rachel Nichols

She is known to be the country’s fearless, intelligent, and funny female journalist. Rachel Nichols is among the few sports female journalists in the United States. Nichole is not respected because of her gender and being in a male-dominated industry, but because Rachel is never afraid to ask hard questions to her clients.

Since working in the media industry, Rachel Nichols has served in top media companies, including Washington Post, CNN, and ESPN. Ms. Nichols is known for her warm welcome and reliability, which has made her who she is in the sports industry. Her work has not gone unnoticed; the Hollywood Reporter has named Nichols among the top 10 most influential female journalists; she is the most potent and intelligent female journalist, according to Sports Illustrated.

Since she was young, Rachel Nichols enjoyed being in the fields. She knew she wanted to be in the sports sector, but she could not be an athlete, nor could Nichols be an executive in the industry because, during the time, no female was holding a top position. Rachel mentioned that when she got older, she realized it was a fan for her to watch games on the field and record what was happening.

Rachel began her career working for Washington Post as a sports journalist. Later she became part of the group that hosted sports on the television. When asked how she transitioned from being a reporter to a television presenter, Rachel mentioned that she got the opportunity when the hockey writer would go for pre-games so she could become a television reporter on the side.

Rachel Nichols has interviewed prominent sports personalities, but she mentioned that one that stands out was hosting LeBron James when he was still in high school and hosting him when he was older. Rachel has got the opportunity to have deep talks with the NBA player. Rachel has also brought a chance to talk to Venus and Serena Williams early in their career. Before any interviews, Rachel Nichols says she must do deep research about her host. See this article for additional information.


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